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Welcome to the first and only community for Taiwanese pop singer/actress, 張韶涵 (Angela Zhang). This community is a place for her fans to gather and share graphics, fandom, and spread news about this pint sized girl with a big voice. Please remember to follow the community rules as listed below and have fun! :D

Who is Angela Zhang?
Angela Zhang was born Zhang Shao Han on January 19th, 1982 in Taiwan. She is blood-type A and stands at 158cm (5'2"), she can speak Mandarin and English fluently (she lived in Canada for awhile) and can even speak a little Japanese. While in Canada she went to Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School in Vancouver, while there is participated in the BBC Star contest and won. She was offered to go to Taiwan to become a star but turned it down at that time because she wanted to finish school. After graduating she did go to Taiwan and starred in her first drama called, mvp 情人 (My MVP Valentine) and from there gained a good deal of popularity. She is a singer and actress whose biggest dream is to travel around the world. She has released four albums, starred in five dramas, and has a growing fanbase. She has been linked to stars such as Vic Zhour of Johnny Yan, but as far as we know, she is still single. Her most recent drama, Romantic Princess is set to air the beginning of next year.

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Community Rules
Rule #01: This is a Angela "FAN" community so the only thing really needing to be discussed or posted about is Angela herself. If you're not a fan of hers, don't join, simple as that.

Rule #02: Absolutely NO ADVERTISING of other un-related communities unless you have permission from a mod. If it is for a music rotation and you have uploaded something which involves Angela, that is acceptable.

Rule #03: Graphics are okay to post, but with measure. If you are posting a large amount of icons, please put a teaser of 3 icons and underneath a cut the rest. Any images larger than 300 x 300 placed under an LJ-CUT. If you do not follow this rule we will ask you to put it under the cut, if you don't, we'll probably have to delete your entry. Sorry. =/

Rule #04: Again, no bashing of Angela is accepted here, as well as anyone related to her. If you really want to bash Angela so bad or want to bash against another artist, make a seperate community for that. It will not be tolerated here.

Rule #05: What the mods say go. Learn to live with that.

Rule #06: If you are posting up any music or media downloads that are not from your own collection, please give proper credit to whoever uploaded it originally. Please also be sure to "FRIENDS LOCK" the entry in order to prevent hotlinking.

Rule #07: Any Angela related news must be properly sourced. If there is no actual source for the news, then we will treat it as gossip and it will be deleted.

Rule #08: Don't pick fights with each other. We are all capable of being mature and drama free, let's keep this community that way.

Rule #09: This is not a request community, so please don't make a post requesting her music. There are lovely people at cpop that can help you there. That being said, you are free to post media here at your own choosing.

Rule #10: If you have a question, ask a mod.

We currently have no affiliates, but if you are interested, comment here with your community. This community only affiliates with other music communities.

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